The Compulsive Hoarding Center
Offering Hope and Inspiration for Change
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Welcome to The Compulsive Hoarding Center

Whether you are struggling with mild cluttering behaviors associated with difficulty throwing things away, to a Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome, we can help.  This facility is specifically dedicated to those struggling from all levels of saving, collecting and compulsive hoarding behaviors, as well as those who are looking to get help for those who are concerned for a loved one.


We understand that not everyone who has difficulty throwing things away suffers from Compulsive Hoarding, and that there can be different levels in which people acquire and hold on to “stuff.”  As such, we work to help people no matter what stage they are at in their difficulty letting go, helping them to begin making decisions that support both their emotional and physical wellness.


Our mission is not only to provide treatment services, but also to educate those who are working to understand what leads to both acquiring and difficulty letting go.  Additional goals are to promote awareness, reduce the myths associated with Compulsive Hoarding, and to help others understand that the suffering that one goes through with this condition is more than any one person should ever encounter.  It’s to take away blame, and inspire hope, growth and responsibility.  It’s to encourage those who don’t understand to be open, which can then lend to support.


Our philosophy comes from passion and compassion.  Passion to help those who are struggling at all levels of saving and compulsive hoarding behaviors; compassion for those who are most impacted.  We invite you into our website to learn more about the differences in these behaviors, treatment options, and the resources available.


Robin Zasio, Psy.D., LCSW


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